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It started with a woman called Rowan and her dream: to create a space for her community where they could feel at home. Rowan baked cakes, made delicious soup and even started making her own ice cream with a small, tabletop Bravo Trittico ice cream maker. People loved hanging out, making new friends and trying the exciting new flavours.

We've been making our artisan ice cream in a small town in South-West London since early 2012. Demand was so great that we started selling commercially in 2014.



Supplying a whole neighbourhood with ice cream soon became too much for one person. Luckily, her son Tom found he was a dab hand at spinning up some ice cream as well. He even came home from university to help move the operation into a brand new premises with an even bigger machine! 



It's not made in a dairy, deep in the countryside. Nor is it produced in a large factory on a faceless industrial estate. It's made by hand, in a small SALSA accredited workshop, by one man, who knows his product and the people who eat it.

Now, together, they serve up some of the best ice cream in London. They supply pubs and restaurants, and make thousands of individual ice cream to order for large events. Tom has given demonstrations at the London Gelato Festival and Rowan still finds time to make cakes for everyone!

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